15-32 Segment 1: Women in Prison Part I – A Look Inside the Bars


Synopsis: The Netflix television show, Orange is the New Black, depicts life in a women’s prison – but is it real? Are the inmates whose lives they portray realistic? We toured a real women’s medium-security prison, talked to the administration and some inmates there to find out. We also talk to the real-life Alex Vause from OITNB, Cleary Wolters – a former inmate and friend of Piper Kerman, author of the book Orange is the New Black: My year in a women’s prison.

Host: Gary Price. Guests: Lt. Brad Gray, Correctional Officer, Rockville Correctional Facility, Rockville, IN; Stacie Brown, Inmate; Cleary Wolters, former inmate, author of “Out of Orange: A memoir.”

You can read letters from actual inmates at Rockville, and a behind-the-scenes account of Amirah & Lydia’s visit to the prison on our intern blog: internapalooza

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