17-52 Segment 1: Hitting the Off Switch: Going offline in a digital age


Smart phones and social media apps take up a lot of time for many Americans. We can’t watch TV or sit at the dinner table without checking for notifications or scrolling Twitter simultaneously. That’s what worried Christina Crook, who took a 31-day vacation from the internet to reconnect with her physical life.


  • Christina Crook, communications professional and author, The Joy of Missing Out: Finding balance in a wired world

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17-03 Segment 2: Digital Independence

Annoyed and unhappy man sitting with angry look, resting elbows on table while his smiling girlfriend texting her friends via social networks on mobile phone, instead of talking to him


With emails, spam, texts and instant messaging it’s a wonder we ever have time anymore to just sit and relax with family and friends. At the office, we spend so much time online, how do we get anything done…or done well? That’s what worried our guest who took a 31-day vacation from the Internet to reconnect with her loved-ones and learn about how online life needs to be balanced with face-to-face communications and relaxation.

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