17-01 Segment 1: Solving crimes with new technology

Forensic investigator working at a crime scene


With new gadgets and programs being invented every day, the technologies used in solving crimes are changing constantly. We reached out to leading experts on the subject, including a programmer, a 3D printing specialist, and best-selling crime author Patricia Cornwell. Through these interviews, we got the inside scoop on how mobile devices, 3D models, and even “smart home” devices like a refrigerator can be used to crunch the data, solve crimes, and present cases in court.

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15-29 Segment 2: The Story Behind the Crime Novel


Synopsis: Crime novels are among the most popular reading in the U.S., and nobody writes a more engaging, suspenseful and factually accurate story than award-winning and best-selling novelist Patricia Cornwell. Her Kay Scarpetta series is full of detailed forensic information, and we talked to her about how she gathers her facts and actually experiences some of the dangerous situations that she puts her heroine through in her books.

Host: Marty Peterson. Guests: Patricia Cornwell, crime novelist, author of “Flesh and Blood”

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