18-48 Segment 2: Sleeping Soundly: How getting quality sleep can enhance our health

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We all sleep, it’s human evolution. But the amount of sleep we get and the quality of that sleep can vary greatly. We talk to Matthew Walker, a professor at California-Berkeley, who says sleep in the single biggest thing we can do to help our physical and mental health both in the short-term and long-term.


  • Matthew Walker, professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California-Berkeley and author, Why We Sleep: Unlocking the power of sleep and dreams

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18-44 Segment 1: Looking Into Our Minds: How our brains perceive the world

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There are all sorts of myths about how we can avoid dementia or how to best brainstorm a new idea. We talk to a psychologist and author to get the inside scoop on how our minds really work, and why we just can’t resist the urge to watch cute animal videos online.


  • Bob Duke, professor at the University of Texas-Austin, expert on music and human learning, co-host, “Two Guys on Your Head,” co-author, Brain Briefs: Answers to the most (and least) pressing questions about your mind

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15-31 Segment 1: The Psychopath Inside: Not all psychopaths are dangerous criminals


Synopsis: When we hear the term “psychopath,” we usually think of serial killers or other nasty villains. Rarely does anyone think of the mild-mannered neuroscientist next door. We talk to a psychologist and to a neuroscientist who happens to be psychopathic, about what the term actually means in the medical world, how it’s tested for in various people, the traits that most often set it apart from other conditions, and how many people who have psychopathic tendencies can function in a non-violent, productive way.

Host:Gary Price. Guests: Scott Lilienfeld, Professor of Psychology, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia; James Fallon, neuroscientist at University of California-Irvine, author of “The Psychopath Inside: A neuroscientists personal journey into the dark side of the brain.”

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