16-04 Segment 2: Lab-Grown Diamonds and Gems: Are they real?


Synopsis: Mined diamonds and gemstones can cause a great deal of environmental damage getting them out of the ground, not to mention the horrible working conditions of miners – some just children – have to endure in some of the world’s diamond mines. Lab-grown diamonds and gemstones don’t require dangerous working conditions, and they’re made with just a fraction of the environmental impact of mined gems. But are those stones grown in laboratory really diamonds? Do they look the same as the mined versions? We talk to a spokesperson for lab-grown diamonds and to a geologist about the issue.

Host: Marty Peterson. Guests: T.J. Walker, spokesperson for Pure Grown Diamonds, manufacturers of lab-grown diamonds; Marcia Bjornerud, Professor of Geology, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI.

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