15-49 Segment 1: Coloring Books for Adults: Nostalgia with benefits

Synopsis: Remember how much fun it was to crack open a new coloring book and crayons when you were a kid? These days, adults are reliving that thrill in huge numbers, maybe even fighting their kids for that Burnt Sienna crayon! Adult coloring books are all the rage, and we talk to two of the most popular artists of these books about why and how they put them together, what the attraction is for adults and how it can benefit everyone to sit down, relax and color a picture.

Host:¬†Gary Price. Guests: Johanna Basford is an artist and the author of a series of adult coloring books, with her latest titled Lost Ocean: An inky adventure and coloring book. Jenean Morrison is an artist, designer and author of a series of books she self-published via Amazon’s CreateSpace, the latest of which is the 2016 Coloring Calendar.

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