18-39 Segment 2: Spies and Soldiers: The roles women held during the Civil War

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We know so much about the men of the Civil War, but the women from the war are all but forgotten in our history. Historian Karen Abbott decided to change that. She tells the story of several women who helped their sides during the Civil War.


  • Karen Abbott, historian and author, Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy

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16-44 Segment 1: Women in the Civil War

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We’ve heard a lot about the famous generals and other heroes of the Civil War, but very little has been written about the women who fought as hard as the men for their beliefs. We talk to an author who researched these women, about the jobs they did, how they risked their lives to find and carry intelligence from the enemy to their generals, and even how they used their “feminine wiles” to get the information they needed to gain advantage in the war.

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