15-22 Story 1: Does Where You Go to College Matter That Much?

Synopsis: High school graduates who plan to go on with their education are making plans to head off to college this fall. Not all of them were accepted to the college that was their first choice, and many are disappointed about it. Some young people didn’t get into college at all because they weren’t offered the help they needed to find a college that suited them financially and culturally. We talk to an author and to a high school counselor about the myths surrounding acceptance to an “elite” college, why a small or state school can be a better fit, and how high school counselors can better serve diverse and often financially strapped students.

Host: Gary Price. Guests: Frank Bruni, columnist for The New York Times, author of the book, Where You Go Is Not Who’ll You’ll Be: An antidote to the college admissions mania; Joshua Steckel, counselor at a high school in Brooklyn, NY, co-author of the book, Hold Fast to Dreams.

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