19-08 Segment 1: Pregnant and Incarcerated: Childbirth behind bars

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After working for years as an OB/GYN for inmates at San Francisco Jail, author Carolyn Sufrin wanted to tell the story of the women she helped. She talks about what health care for pregnant women in jails and prisons looks like, and the changes she hopes to see in the system.


  • Carolyn Sufrin, medical anthropologist, former OB/GYN at San Francisco Jail, and author of Jailcare: Finding the safety net for women behind bars

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17-23 Segment 2: Hospice Dogs: How our four-legged friends can help us until the very end

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Jon Katz’s dogs do more than just play fetch: they help comfort Hospice patients in their final days. We talk about Katz’s experience volunteering for hospice and how dogs can give so much comfort.

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  • Jon Katz, author of Izzy & Lenore
  • Warren Cardwell, husband of late Hospice patient
  • Keith Mann, former coordinator of volunteers for Washington County Hospice and Palliative Care

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16-38 Segment 2: Eldercare

elder care nurse playing jigsaw puzzle with senior woman in nursing home


With the baby boomers transitioning into retirement in record numbers, and their parents living longer, we’re facing an eldercare challenge that’s bigger than we’ve ever seen before in this country. Who will take care of all of the older Americans who will need medical and end-of-life assistance in the coming decades? And how will we ensure that elder citizens will be able to live in comfort and dignity during their senior years? We talk to an activist about her own experiences with the system, and learn about strategies for dealing with the eldercare challenges that face us.

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