17-53 Segment 1: Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick


Every New Year’s Eve, millions of Americans make resolutions. And most of the time, we struggle to live them out through January. We talk to an expert in the field of habit-making to talk about how we can make our resolutions last all year round.


  • MJ Ryan, author, Habit Changers: 81 game-changing mantras to mindfully realize your goals

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16-47 Segment 2: Advice for success in making resolutions

popular new year resolutions - colorful sticky notes on a cork board


In about six weeks, people will be celebrating the New Year and many of them will be resolving to change something in their lives – the ubiquitous “New Year’s Resolution.” We talk to a behavior specialist and coach about how bad habits are created and why. She also gives us some ways to help give those resolutions some staying power for the year ahead.

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