19-01 Segment 1: Women in the United States Military

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Women have served in the US military dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War. Back then, they had to lie about their sex and their names in order to get enlist, but some did. Now, combat positions are open to women. We discuss the vital role women have played in America’s military might.


  • Eileen Rivers, army veteran and author of Beyond the Call: Three women on the front lines in Afghanistan 

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16-26 Segment 2: Elizabeth Marshall Thomas: Lessons in survival and equality from the Bushmen



Learning to survive in uncertain times and learning how to treat everyone in our community with respect and equality are lessons we can all benefit from. However, we don’t usually think that primitive peoples are the best teachers of these lessons. Our guest would take exception to that. As a young woman, she lived with the old Bushmen of southwestern Africa and discusses how she learned a lot about how to raise children, find food and water, and about how community cooperation and equality of the sexes enabled these people to survive and thrive in a formidable environment.

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