19-07 Segment 2: Considering the Precarious Future of AI

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Between Alexa, Google and Siri, artificial intelligence is here. But looking forward, AI will only get more and more intelligent. Author and researcher James Rollins discusses why AI has long scared scientists and storytellers, and what the future of our technology could look like if we aren’t careful.


  • James Rollins, researcher and author, Crucible 

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16-19 Segment 1: The Third Wave: An internet pioneer talks technology

16-19A Third Wave Technology


Synopsis: Technology has been moving at break-neck speed during the past 30 years, with the invention and adoption of the personal computer and the internet in the first wave, and more sophisticated hardware, software, cell phones and apps in the second wave. Our guest, an internet pioneer himself, discusses the third wave of technology that will take all of these innovations one step further – integrating them into our world in ways that will bring them more fully into our educational systems, healthcare, work and our every day lives.

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