16-09 Segment 2: Saving the Cheetahs


Synopsis: Cheetahs are the fastest of all land animals – they can reach speeds of up to 70 mph in short bursts. Despite their speed and hunting ability, cheetahs are endangered in Africa and Asia, and don’t breed especially well in captivity. In Africa, they can attack livestock herds for food, and that puts them in danger from the subsistence farmers who need to protect their flocks. We talk to a wildlife expert who lives in Namibia, Africa and who has studied cheetahs for decades, and a wildlife photographer who spent three years documenting the lives of a family of cheetahs and other animals, about this amazing cat and why it’s important to protect it for future generations.

Host: Marty Peterson. Guests: Dr. Laurie Marker, cheetah researcher, founder and executive director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund, author of A Future for Cheetahs. Suzi Eszterhas, award-winning wildlife photographer, who created photographs for A Future for Cheetahs.

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