15-33 Segment 1: Lists of Note

Synopsis: Everyone makes lists: shopping lists, to-do lists, Christmas lists, and many more. But what do your lists say about you? We talk to an author who looked at hundreds of lists compiled by the famous, the infamous and the unknown, and found out that they say a great deal about the times, our history and the list makers themselves.

Host: Gary Price. Guests: Shaun Usher, author of Lists of Note: An eclectic collections deserving of a wider audience.

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15-33 Segment 2: Kids and Financial Intelligence


Synopsis: Millions of young people will soon head out on their own for the first time to attend college or start their first job. It will also be the first time that many of them are in charge of their own finances. How literate are they about banking, spending, saving, and credit? We talk to two financial specialists about what kids need to know about money and budgets, the best ways to organize their finances, and what they can do to prevent going into credit debt.

Host: Marty Peterson. Guests: Dean Obenauer, Assistant Director of Financial Aid for Financial Literacy, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska; Jeff Reeves, Executive Editor, InvestorPlace.com.


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