15-16 Story 1: Spring and Summer Travel Tips and Tricks


Synopsis: The spring and summer travel seasons are here and Americans are planning their vacation trips both online and through travel agents. We’ll talk to two travel experts about where the action is this season, how to get more for your travel dollars, and hear some tips and tricks for making your travel less aggravating and more fun.

Host: Gary Price. Guests: Chris McGinnis, business and leisure travel guru, blogger and contributor to Best Western’s travel website, Youmustbetrippin.com; Mark Murphy, travel expert, CEO of Travelpulse.com.

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15-16 Story 2: The Joy of Missing Out: Getting off the Internet


Synopsis: With emails, spam, texts and instant messaging it’s a wonder we ever have time anymore to just sit and relax with family and friends. At the office, we spend so much time online, how do we get anything done…or done well? That’s what worried our guest who took a 31-day vacation from the Internet to reconnect with her loved-ones and learn about how online life needs to be balanced with face-to-face communications and relaxation.

Host: Marty Peterson. Guest: Christina Crook, communications professional and author of the book, The Joy of Missing Out: Finding balance in a wired world.

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