15-08 Story 1: Changing the Conversation – Dealing with Conflict


Conflict is part of life, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. We talk to two experts on conflict about how to make disagreements with a spouse or other family member, or with colleagues at work a positive and productive learning experience.

Host: Gary Price. Guests: Dana Caspersen, mediator, teacher and author of, “Changing the Conversation: The 17 principles of conflict resolution.” Dr. Judith Wright, author, coach, corporate consultant and founder of the Wright Graduate University for the Realization of Human Potential, where she also teaches.

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15-08 Story 2: Increasing Creativity through Drawing


Synopsis: We all drew pictures as children, but as we grew older, we saw that we either did or did not have real talent. Those of us who were not skilled gave it up and went on to do other things. Our guest says that we shouldn’t have dropped the pencil or paintbrush, and he’ll tell us how we can all benefit from drawing on a daily basis – both in developing skill in art, and creativity and confidence in other parts of our lives.

Host: Marty Peterson. Guest: Danny Gregory, artist, teacher, founder of the Sketchbook Skool, and author of “Art Before Breakfast: A zillion ways to be more creative no matter how busy you are.”

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15-07 Segment 1: Tomlinson Hill – The story of two families: one white, one black


Synopsis: Researching your ancestors is popular these days. It can be exciting if your ancestors were famous or if they had some connection to a historical event. However, it can be painful if your family played a part in one of the darker periods in our history, such as slavery. We talk to a man whose family held slaves and hear how he went back in history and to his family’s home town to confront his past, to meet the relatives of those slaves, and to find out what life was like then and now for the two Tomlinson families.

Host: Gary Price. Guest: Chris Tomlinson, journalist, author of “Tomlinson Hill: The remarkable story of two families who share the Tomlinson name – one white, one black,”

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15-07 Segment 2: Presidential Sidekicks


Synopsis: The next presidential campaigns are gearing up and GOP and Democratic hopefuls are already testing the waters more than 18 months before the elections. The people you see in front of the cameras and in the headlines are only part of the story, though. Behind the scenes are men and women who support the candidates in very important ways. We’ll hear about a few of these hardworking “sidekicks” who served some of our modern presidents, and even about one who made George Washington smile!


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15-06 Segment 1: Teaching Political Debate in Schools


Synopsis: Civics classes in many grade schools and high schools aren’t the same as they were back 20 years ago, when teachers lectured on “how a bill becomes a law” to a roomful of bored students. These days, kids are more likely to discuss and debate some of the most pressing issues of the day. We talk to two researchers about how some schools are teaching students how to debate correctly, how discussion of hot topics can foster understanding of diverse points of view, and the long-term benefits for students who engage in thoughtful, civil, debate.

Host: Gary Price. Guests: Diana E. Hess, Senior VP of the Spencer Foundation, Professor of Social Studies Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Paula McAvoy, Associate Program Officer of the Spencer Foundation and philosopher of education. Both guests are co-authors of the book, The Political Classroom: Evidence and ethics in democratic education. Links for more info:

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15-06 Segment 2: Brown Girl Dreaming: Diverse voices in literature


Synopsis: So much literature is written by white authors – of the past and present – that it’s not always relevant to young people of color, immigrants or those from non-western backgrounds. Our guest, an award-winning author, says it’s time to hear from different voices in literature – beginning when children just start to open books. We’ll hear how she became a writer, and get a peek inside her memoir of growing up in two worlds – written entirely in verse.

Host: Marty Peterson. Guests: Jacqueline Woodson, award-winning author of “Brown Girl Dreaming,” a memoir written entirely in verse.

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15-05 Segment 1: Making New Year’s Resolutions stick


Synopsis: Many of us make resolutions on New Year’s Day to lose weight, exercise more or maybe save more money. How are those going a month later? Most Americans don’t keep resolutions after a few weeks. Why is that? We’ll discuss strategies for planning and fulfilling that big change in your life.

Host: Gary Price. Guests: Tom Somodi, CEO & President of the Change Science Institute; Chris Carosa, Pres. of Carosa, Stanton Asset Management, author of Hey, What’s My Number?

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