14-44 Story 1: Enchanted Objects


Synopsis: These days, it’s nothing to send a message, photo or business data right from your cell phone. In the near future, however, don’t be surprised if your pill bottle cap will remind you to take your meds, or give you pollen counts for your usual route to work – and suggest an alternate one. You could even have your umbrella provide weather reports, and your watch tell you where there’s likely to be icy patches on the sidewalk. We talk about these “enchanted objects,” and an experiment called “The Array of Things” with two tech specialists, and find out how our lives will be changed by giving everyday things “superpowers.”

Host: Gary Price. Guests: David Rose, faculty member at the MIT Media Lab, author of Enchanted Objects: Design, human desire and the internet of things.  Charlie Catlett, Senior Computer Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory, Senior Fellow, Computation Institute of Argonne and the University of Chicago.

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14-44 Story 2: The birth of motion pictures


Synopsis: Watching movie trailers on the internet reminds us how technologically sophisticated movies are these days with special effects, gorgeous cinematography and amazing sound. It really wasn’t that long ago when just seeing a few pictures move for a very few seconds was as exciting as 3-D movies are to us today. But who made the pictures first come to life? Was it Thomas Edison? Or someone else? We talk to an author about how two very different men – one a millionaire, the other an artist and a murderer – joined forces to make pictures move.

Host: Marty Peterson. Guests: Edward Ball, author of The Inventor and the Tycoon: A gilded age murder and the birth of moving pictures.