14-48 Story 1: Reading to kids


Synopsis: Some of people’s fondest childhood memories are the times when their parents read to them on a rainy day or at bedtime. More than just an entertaining interlude, these sessions help children develop their reading, comprehension and analytical skills. We talk to two children’s reading specialists about how reading aloud to children can help them succeed in school and beyond.

Host: Gary Price. Guests: Dr. Anne van Kleeck, professor at the University of Texas-Dallas, specialist in child pre-literacy development. Maia Haag, president, I See Me Children’s Personalized Books, offering the Night Before Christmas personalized book this season.

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14-48 Story 2: How trends are created in fashion and society


Synopsis: Have you ever wondered why some colors are “in” and others are “out”? Who decides these things? And what criteria do they use? We talk to a woman who is the expert on colors and trends about the social, economic and cultural events that make certain colors popular and others passé.

Host: Marty Peterson. Guests: Leatrice Eiseman, color specialist and forecaster for Pantone, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute ®, co-author of Pantone on Fashion: A century of color in design.

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14-47 Story 1: Introverts


Synopsis: Introverts get a bad reputation for being party poopers, shy, and even anti-social. Our two guests say that couldn’t be further from the truth, and dispel the myths surrounding introverts. We discuss what introversion is, why it’s not the same as shyness, how introverts can be gregarious, talkative and a lot of fun to be around.

Host: Gary Price. Guests: Todd Kashdan, Professor of Psychology, George Mason University, author of the forthcoming book Mindfulness, Acceptance and Positive Psychology. Sophia Dembling, introvert, author of the book, The Introvert’s Way: Living a quiet life in a noisy world.

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14-47 Story 2: Technocreep: Chiseling Away At Our Privacy


Synopsis: Technology invades every part of our lives – from entertainment, to shopping, to communications. And the people who provide those cool phones, and great social media sites know a lot more about you than you might think – or like. We talk to two technology specialists about the invasion of our privacy and how we can keep at least some of our personal information private.

Host: Marty Peterson. Guests: Dr. Thomas Keenan, Professor at the University of Calgary, author of Technocreep: The surrender of privacy and the capitalization of intimacy. Cameron Camp, security researcher, ESET North America, global provider of security services and products.

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14-46 Story 1: Conversion Disorder


Synopsis: Back in the 1690s, several New England girls exhibited strange behavior that was attributed to witchcraft. The Salem Witch Trials resulted in false accusations, executions and a mystery that has haunted our country for centuries. What was happening to these girls? Were they faking or did they have a bona fide psychiatric condition. We talk to an author and a psychologist about what could have been the cause for one of the strangest events in American History.

Host: Gary Price. Guests: Katherine Howe, lecturer in American Studies, Cornell University, author of Conversion. Travis Langley, Professor of Psychology, Henderson State University, author or Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight.

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14-46 Story 2: Hotel confidential


Synopsis: Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the desk at the major hotels in the U.S.? How come some guests always get the best rooms and service, and you end up in a room overlooking the alley? Why is it that you have to pay for your mini-bar peanuts and some guests never pay? We talk to a hospitality industry insider about his experiences in two large hotels; how hotels figure out who to put where; how the mini-bar and movies work; and how to get the best service from the staff that counts.

Host: Marty Peterson. Guests: Jacob Tomsky, veteran of the hospitality business in hotels in New Orleans and New York City, author of the book, Heads in Beds: A reckless memoir of hotels, hustles and so-called hospitality.

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14-45 Story 1: Sports strategy


Synopsis: Is the key to a successful sports franchise a winning player or team? Can that alone pack the stadium? Hardly. We talk to a seasoned sports strategist about many of the factors necessary for a profitable team, including venue, stars, image and the overall fan experience.

Host: Gary Price. Guests: Irving Rein, Professor of Communication Studies, Northwestern, University, co-author with Adam Grossman and Ben Shields, of the book, The Sports Strategist: Developing leaders for a high-performance industry.

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